Credit Card Deals – How Good Is It Really?

There was a period of time when I was REALLY dead set against getting any more credit cards. That was until I read some reports on that turned things around for me. I really liked their article on how to repair your credit score in 30 days. I was fastened to my “no more complications” credo that included not having any more bills to pay in a month than I could put on one little sticky note that I keep in my wallet in order to keep track of my monthly expenditures.

Now, I feel like I’ve been signing up for new stuff left and right, introducing myself to new bills and things to keep track of. But you know what? For my business especially, I realized that I’m throwing away a lot of good savings and also special deals that are to be had by having these special “store” credit cards too.

I started to see what I was missing out on for example, after my husband had signed up for the Target Red card. He signed up as a debit card, so it was just as easy as using a debit card, and you weren’t incurring debt that you couldn’t pay for – you had to have the funds in your account to make the purchase!

You get 5% off every purchase when you have the Target Red Credit or debit card. The debit version of the card was super easy to apply for. All I did was go to the customer service desk and give them a blank check from my personal check book. They took down all the routing and account info and linked the new card to my checking account.

It works just like my debit card, so I buy things like I normally would through my checking account, without “charging up” a credit card, yet I still get the benefits of the Red Card including the 5% off my entire purchase and any other promotions they’re running at the time. I think you also get special deals on for having their Red card as well.

I really love shopping at Target, and I have several items that I regularly buy there anyway because they’re just better deals – mostly grocery and staple types of items like paper products, cleaners and groceries. So now I’m saving 5% addition off my order on items I would have purchased from there anyway.

Amazon Credit Card

Now, let’s move on to another deal I recently signed up for from another fantastic retailer that I always shop from (and millions of other Americans do too). I absolutely LOVE Amazon. I shop there for personal items, gifts, gift cards for all occasions, and for many items for my business that I can get for a great deal.

I was finally cajoled into signing up for the Amazon Prime credit card when they offered me a whopping $50 off my purchase for signing up. I was tight on cash at the moment, and my order was $60 and they hit me up at just the right time, having recently loosened up by signing up for Paypal Bill Me Later (I’ll talk about that awesome program in another post) and also having just signed up for my Target Red debit card.

With the Amazon Prime credit card, I can get no interest, I just need to make sure I pay it off every month before interest accrues, just like any other credit card. I will also presumably get some special cardholder deals and I will also be eligible for the famous free shipping more often than customers who don’t have the card for items shipped from Amazon’s warehouses.

Not only that, but I can keep track of my Amazon purchases a little more easily, and around the holidays I’ll be able to really get some great shipping deals on gifts for my family and friends. Since I do the majority of my holiday shopping online, the Amazon Prime credit card became somewhat of a no brainer for me. It just took me a while to come to my senses on the deals I was missing out on by not wanting to take an another bill to track!